Step 1

Researching Your Market

Start By Researching Your Market …

Congratulations on taking the first step to learning how to sell your house on your own!

The first step in the process involves researching your local real estate market and how your home fits into that market. Homeowners often have an unrealistic views of their own house, such as the home’s value and how appealing it would be to other people. To get a sanity check, we start with data. In this section, we’ll research pricing and gather information from knowledgeable people to determine how your home stacks up against the competition.

How to Research Home Prices

The first thing most homeowners want to know when they are looking to sell a home is to determine it…

How to Research Potential Buyers

When preparing your property for sale, you should keep in mind the kind of buyers in the area. This …

How to Research the Competition

Having done your research on pricing and on the buyers in your market, it's time to find out how you…

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In Conclusion…

Looking at data and information to determine pricing for your home helps give you a sober view of how appealing your house is to potential buyers and how you should realistically price the home. Take the steps outlined in the articles above to determine your asking price. Once you have that in mind, it’s time to move one the next step.

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Where to Next?

Step 2: Getting Ready

Step 3: Marketing

Step 4: Offers