Step 3

How to Market Your House

It’s time to scream it from the mountaintop…

“I’m selling my house!”

You figured out how to price your house and spent days or weeks getting the house ready to sell; now the rubber meets the road… time to market the property for sale. Successful marketing of the house involves implementing strategic real estate marketing ideas. This will give you an advantage over the competition, help you generate leads, and convert those leads into prospects. Let’s take a look at these incredible ways to get your house seen and sold!

How to Market Your House

Choose a marketing channel based on the type of buyer you are trying to attract. It wouldn't make se…

How to take pictures of your house

Pictures are very important. They're worth 1000 words. So, when you take pictures to market your hom…

How to write a description for your house

what tells the house's story, and if it's well written, your home can stand out from all the other l…

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In Conclusion…

Marketing your house is not about more exposure, it’s about knowing your buyer and speaking to them. Using your research and data from prior steps, you crafted a marketing plan, created images that would speak to your buyer, and you developed a description that resonated with your audience. You’re on your way to an offer, but first we may need an open house. Go to the next step to learn how to handle open houses and showings.

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