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How to Market Your House

Choose a marketing channel based on the type of buyer you are trying to attract. It wouldn’t make sense to put a yard sign to sell a mansion because it likely won’t attract the right buyers or enough prospects. Likewise, choosing the wrong channel for your home will limit your exposure to the right pool of buyers and clip your ability to generate offers and a sale.

Choosing your channel

Let’s be real, the internet gives you the best exposure and the ability to target virtually whoever you want. Through online real estate marketing channels, buyers can preview hundreds of homes within a few hours from the comfort of their couch. To explore the possibilities, here are some of the selected real estate websites consider:

Multiple Listing Service

While you may think the MLS is only available for properties listed by real estate agents, you can actually hire a flat fee broker for a few hundred dollars to place your listing on the MLS. This is usually a DIY service so you need to provide all of the information, pictures, and copywriting for the listing. That said, the MLS will give you the greatest exposure to agents who have buyers. Remember when you go this route, you will need to offer money to the buyer’s agent or they may well ignore your listing altogether.


Zillow allows you to list houses through pictures and videos, connect with agents, and receive push notifications of updates. While Zillow has a powerful platform, you will likely have to negotiate with a buyer directly without an agent involved. This can get tricky and may require you to get an attorney to draft the necessary contracts and paperwork.


Hubzu is an auction site where you can list your house and have buyers (usually investors) bid on your home. Bidders will submit their highest bids during the auction, and you can decide whether to sell or re-market your property when the auction ends. This is a good option if your home needs major repairs or a lot of updating.

Yard Sign

This is an oldy but a goody. A sign can encourage a buyer to call immediately for inquiry but it will limit your exposure. Signs work best if you believe there exists a lot of local interest for your home. This approach is good in a hot market or in if the property is located on a busy street.


The marketing channel you choose will determine the type of buyer you will encounter. Luckily, you can switch between channels easily and inexpensively so don’t be afraid to experiment to figure out what works best.

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