Step 6

Everything You Need to Know About Closing

“Coffee is for closers!” So, have some coffee!

You packed your stuff, cardboard boxes fill your house, and you’re ready to move. All you need to do now is sign, right? Well, hold on there. Before you sign on the dotted line there are still some issues that may crop up. Plus, we need to get through the “walkthrough”. Details… amiright? You’re in the final stretch though, so let’s cap off this sale and get to where you wanted to go.

How to Handle Title Issues

Unresolved title issues can prevent a home sale from happening, so it's important to settle these is…

What to expect the day of closing

The closing date is when the entire sale transaction is officially completed, and there are many mov…

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In Conclusion…

With many moving parts, real estate closings can cause more stress than excitement. Carboard boxes, logistics, title issues, walkthroughs, and paperwork on legal sized paper can seem overwhelming. Not to worry though, this is all temporary. Pour some coffee, tea, and take some deep breaths. We’re closing!

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