Step 4

How to Handle Offers

So, you got yourself and offer… Good Job! Now What?

If you got an offer, it means you did something right. Someone liked your house and wants to buy it. Now, it’s just a matter of figuring out the details. The first thing you probably already realized is that a lot of legal stiff goes into buying and selling houses. After all, it’s kind of a big deal. You have contracts, lawyers, title searches, escrow, financing, and so on. Let’s demystify some of these issues and guide you through the process so you can sell your house and get to the closing.

How to Handle Offers

When a buyer proposes an offer, you can accept or deny it or make a counteroffer stating what can ch…

How to Negotiate a Contract

Negotiation isn't just about price. The contract has dozens of terms that can be negotiated that hav…

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In Conclusion…

Getting an offer is partly exciting and partly terrifying. A dose of reality hits you and some of that reality comes in the form of legal papers. Not to worry though, getting some professional help and understanding what you are reading helps to understand what you are signing and why you are signing it. This is the beginning of the closing process. Congratulations for getting here.

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