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How to write a description for your house

The listing description is what tells the house’s story, and if it’s well written, your home can stand out from all the other listings in the area. It’s true that descriptions paint the lifestyle that comes with the house. They imbue the feeling of owning this home, and who better to communicate that than you?

Keep your buyer in mind

Remember, the description should be tailored to the buyers for your market area. So, when you write, keep them in mind and emphasize the benefits they would be looking for. For example, having a playground likely won’t be a desirable benefit to retirees. However, it would be for a family with children. For this exercise, knowing your audience is key.

Features then benefits

Don’t just create a list of features. Instead, list the feature then the benefit. For example, you could say “a large pool to keep fit in the sunshine” . You see, rather than just communicating a feature of the house, you are instead connecting it to a lifestyle.

Other examples might be:

“A large yard to grow a summer garden”

“Close to stores and restaurants to keep your social calendar full”

“Quiet and secluded so you can relax in peace”

Use verbs

Avoid using the passive voice and punch up your writing with verbs. Using is, are, be, and was in sentences make them hard to read. instead, use an active voice with active verbs so your writing sounds impactful.


When writing a description, keep your buyer in mind and connect the house’s features to the lifestyle that the home provides. This will make your writing compelling and easier to read.

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