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How to take pictures of your house

As you know, pictures are very important. They’re worth 1000 words. So, when you take pictures to market your home, what kind of words do you want those pictures to communicate? Each picture should serve a purpose and should be a pleasing to look at. No one wants to see a picture of your closet! Or of some painting you have on the wall. Or of the corner of your room. The biggest mistake you can make is to take random pictures of your house without thought and throw them on a website hoping someone else will appreciate them. Because no one else will. Instead, use the data and information you have gathered to take pictures that will attract the buyers most likely to buyer your house.

Would you take a picture of a playground to sell your home in a senior community? No. So, think before you click! Here are some tips to help you.

Less is more

In today’s online world, the photos of the house you want to sell are your first impression, and they’re the best way to make a buyer interested in coming and seeing your listing in person. And, interestingly, the addition of more photos over a certain threshold doesn’t guarantee sales, so keep it moderate. It’s better to have 10 really good pictures than 50 mediocre ones.

Best features first

If your home has special character features, these could be a real selling point for potential buyers. Showcase the details that make your house beautiful. However, please don’t take pictures of negative features, closets, corners of rooms, ceiling fans, tiny bathrooms, and anything with people in them—also, no pets and animals.


Once you have taken a few really good pictures highlighting the best features of your home, it’s time to edit them. If you don’t know how to use photoshop, that’s ok. Most cameras and computers have a native editing app that will help you enhance the pictures. You can also use online photo editing tools like Canva and Photoshop; they crop your pictures, adjust brightness and contrast, and correct colors. Ensure you add your phone numbers to the photos and watermark them all together. The goal is to make them bright and crisp so they look god and stand out.

Professional Pictures

If you’re really bad at taking pictures, consider using a professional photographer. In reality, they are worth every penny. The money you spend on them will more than reflect on the purchase price. They will have the equipment and will know how to frame shots to make your house stand out. But before you hire a professional, please stage your house so it makes their job easier.


If you you live in a nice location, like near a park, by the ocean, rivers, or mountains, you may want to invest in aerial photography. A photographer will use a drone to take shots of the surrounding area. This will highlight your neighborhood, your city, and your immediate surroundings.


Pictures are very important. Don’t do this mindlessly. You should take your time and do this part right. This WILL make or break your listing. No pressure… just follow the advice in this article. You got this!

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