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How to Handle Inspections & Appraisals

You want to come over and do WHAT?!

Inspections and appraisals can be unpleasant. It’s like going to the doctor and waiting for test results. Do you have the dreaded inspections-failure-itis? Or appraisal-low-icus? No one wants the buyer to back out from unsatisfactory results. But fear not; to avoid this unwanted fate as best you can, we’re helping you navigate this process with some tips to help you pass both events and get to closing.

How to Handle a Home Inspection

Inspections can be uncomfortable, but with some due diligence and disclosures you can soften the blo…

How to Handle a Home Appraisal

something beyond your control, but the reality is that an appraiser is just a person doing a job tha…

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In Conclusion…

Inspections and appraisals can be dreadful events. Strangers poking around and analyzing your house, sizing it up and passing their judgment. The fate of your contract resting in their hands. It seems you have no control over the situation, but that isn’t true. Use the tips outlined above to give yourself a better chance of passing inspection and appraisal so you can move on to the next step.

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