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Christian Cruz

I used to be a lawyer. Well, technically, I’m still a lawyer. But I used to practice law exclusively before I started buying houses for cash. During the great recession, I represented homeowners in foreclosures, short sales, loan modifications, code violation hearings, etc. I liked helping people, but I didn’t love practicing law. Fortunately, I found real estate. That’s not to say 20 years of school was a complete waste. With all my legal experience, I can see potential issues with real estate closings, and I have the tools to solve those problems ahead of time.

How to Anticipate Objections

Prospects want to be sure that the house they are purchasing is worth it, so potential purchasers will tend to look for negative issues that will dissuade them from purchasing your home. These are natural parts of a sales process, and they are called “objections”. One of your jobs in getting the home ready to sell is to figure out what objections a buyer will likely have and either overcome them or address them up front. Anticipating objections require a bit of homework

How to Research the Competition

Having done your research on pricing and on the buyers in your market, it’s time to find out how your home stacks up against the competition. You may be asking yourself “why is it a competition?” and the reality is that you are competing against other homes in the area among buyers in the buying pool. They are comparing and contrasting to pick a winner, and you should think of it in the same way.

How to Research Home Prices

The first thing most homeowners want to know when they are looking to sell a home is to determine its price. Your property is likely your greatest asset, so it’s important to know the value before offering it for sale. There are three significant ways to evaluate your property.