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I used to be a lawyer. Well, technically, I’m still a lawyer. But I used to practice law exclusively before I started buying houses for cash. During the great recession, I represented homeowners in foreclosures, short sales, loan modifications, code violation hearings, etc. I liked helping people, but I didn’t love practicing law. Fortunately, I found real estate. That’s not to say 20 years of school was a complete waste. With all my legal experience, I can see potential issues with real estate closings, and I have the tools to solve those problems ahead of time.

How to Handle a Home Appraisal

something beyond your control, but the reality is that an appraiser is just a person doing a job that you can nudge your way. An appraiser’s “opinion of value” is just that.. an opinion. Appraisers don’t determine the value of a property, they just provide a data point for the buyer’s lender.

How to Handle Title Issues

Unresolved title issues can prevent a home sale from happening, so it’s important to settle these issues if they are present. However, it’s not advisable to go about this on your own as third parties like title companies and real estate attorneys can help you identify and resolve property title issues.

How to Market Your House

Choose a marketing channel based on the type of buyer you are trying to attract. It wouldn’t make sense to put a yard sign to sell a mansion because it likely won’t attract the right buyers or enough prospects. Likewise, choosing the wrong channel for your home will limit your exposure to the right pool of buyers and clip your ability to generate offers and a sale.

How to write a description for your house

what tells the house’s story, and if it’s well written, your home can stand out from all the other listings in the area. It’s true that descriptions paint the lifestyle that comes with the house. They imbue the feeling of owning this home, and who better to communicate that than you?

How to Handle Offers

When a buyer proposes an offer, you can accept or deny it or make a counteroffer stating what can change for it to be acceptable. It’s then up to the buyer to accept or refuse your counteroffer or make another counteroffer to the new terms.

How to Negotiate a Contract

Negotiation isn’t just about price. The contract has dozens of terms that can be negotiated that have an associated cost. Make sure you understand the buyer’s position and motivation so when they ask you for a concession you are understand what you can demand in return.

How to Handle a Home Inspection

Inspections can be uncomfortable, but with some due diligence and disclosures you can soften the blow to the buyer of potential surprises that may come up during the inspection. Following these tips will help turn an uncomfortable experience into a productive one.

How to Get a House Ready to Sell

Homeowners looking to sell a house by owner (as well as those that are listing their homes with an agent) must face the inevitable task of getting their homes “ready to sell”. “Ready to sell” generally means that they are getting their homes to look as good as it can look in order to attract the kind of buyer they think will give them the best price. To get your house ready, here are some simple tips to get the most bang for your buck.